Knitting. And kitties.

So I’ve been slowly moving toward knitting things beyond scarves. I eventually want to make sweaters for myself, but I’m starting small with baby clothes. I didn’t make this top for anyone in particular, but given how many people I know who are pregnant or who have recently had babies, I’m sure it’ll find a home before long.

Look! Not a rectangle!
Look! Not a rectangle!
Lookit the cutesy button.
Lookit the cutesy button.

Right now I’m working on two projects. The first is this baby kimono, for one of my friends at CTS. She’s having a boy, and I was kind of nervous about the pattern being too girly, but I think it’ll be fine. And she’s the kind of person who’d dress her son in pink lace if she felt like it, particularly if someone made it for her. This project requires me to learn a lot of new techniques, like making buttonholes, grafting (using a needle threaded with yarn to invisibly stitch together two edges), picking up stitches, and knitting in the round. There is also knitted I-cord, which I’ve never made, but the I stands for “idiot,” so allegedly anyone can make it.

Quick edit before posting: It turns out that I really really hate knitting garter stitch in the round. I’ve tried both double-point needles and Magic Loop with a long circular needle, and I just can’t keep track of alternating rounds of knit and purl. I have no idea how people do patterns on socks with DPNs. After the fourth attempt on a sleeve (including one attempt that accidentally made stockinette stitch), I decided to make it flat and just suck it up and seam it later.

The other project is this scarf. It’s in a cotton/wool blend, ’cause I doubt I’ll need a crazy-warm alpaca scarf in Atlanta. This is only my second lace project, and there have been some mistakes and perhaps even some throwing it down in frustration. I really like it, though, and think it will turn out well. I want to make a version in laceweight yarn, maybe in a coral/salmon/orange yarn (I really like this yarn in the “Prison Jumpsuit” color listed in the pull-down tab, but I can’t pay anywhere near that much for yarn).

Lastly, I promised Chris that I’d quit looking at pet adoption ads, but I really want this beautiful cat.


Oh, I just looked again. He’s free, even!

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