Quacking it up

I wanted to take a picture of the ducks that live in the pool by my office to show you so I could tell you about them. There was one hanging out when I left the office:

But then it got a little too close for my comfort:

So, the story about the ducks. Last spring a pair of ducks showed up. Soon it was just the male duck, swimming around. I started calling him ‘Drake’ in my head. Not too long later, the female duck reappeared with six ducklings. Dad, nowhere to be found. A couple weeks later, five ducklings and Mom. This goes on for awhile. Then one day, no Mom and Dad’s back. But there are four ducklings. There’s been a lot of this weird switching. Obviously from the pictures above, you can’t tell anymore who’s the Mom and who’s the duckling. But now only two ducks are there everyday.

This has made me wonder: Where do they GO? Are cats eating them? Does Dad have a second ducky family he visits? What kind of soap opera is playing out in front of the office?

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  1. Tasha says:

    I think they share custody. The kids are just growing up and moving out. Soon there will be an empty nest (ba-dum ching!)

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