Making beads…

So, I found this recipe for making beads from salt, flour and water. Looks surprisingly familiar, right? I’m pretty sure we did this some other time, but I just can’t figure out when. I froze half the bead dough because it got really tedious rolling the beads up. Then, after two hours in the oven, ta-da! I feel like they’re not much to look at right now. I’m thinking of painting them white with a green paint effect. Plus I think adding a coat of varnish like the paper-mache beads will make them look good. This is definitely an experiment to see if I like them.

They smelled good baking, though.

Other bead ideas I want to try: beads from plastic bottles and fimo beads. I’m also trying to devise a pattern to make round beads out of the magazine beads. I hate those weird, oblong ones.

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