… is the most exciting part of today (odd that I actually am drinking, right?). I binged on salsa con queso (yum!) and tortilla chips when I got home from work, waiting to cook dinner until after Josh went running. I don’t know what it is about 5:30 that makes me so hungry. It’s times like that that make me wonder if I should take up smoking again! Anyway, vegetarian chili it is. Delicious, though John would tell us it needs hobenaro or thai dragon peppers from his garden or some such nonsense.

And speaking of John, check out the picture he took that Mom e-mailed me today:

I know you’re freezing your face off in Chicago, but there’s something about walking by myself in snow at night that makes the world seem still and hushed. Or watching falling snow out a window. I am a lover of snow, just like you are the opposite. I guess there’s something to be said for 300+ sunny days a year, though. I need to learn to appreciate that. I know I am a city dweller at heart, but there’s something about being home — with millions of less people than there, and where three cars a day is busy — that makes me happy. This picture made me wistful for that today.

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