Boring day

I got about five hours of sleep today b/c I stayed up working farrrrrr too late, and then went straight back to the laptop to do some more work. There was an exciting break to go to the Post Office (which is underneath the local co-op, next to a liquor shop, for some reason. I know that sometimes the PO makes me want to drink) and Borders, but all I got was some stamps out of the deal. Now I’m back to the computer, pretending to write a paper that’s due tomorrow.

Rather than take a shot of my laptop, decided to post a blurry picture (sorry for all the fuzzy pics lately; I seem to have forgotten how to focus my camera) of my living room, taken from the kitchen doorway. The black lump on the back of the couch is Stewie. The place is considerably more cluttered now that I live with a boy. Not cluttered with cats, though. Just Harley books and stuff.

living room web

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  1. Tasha says:

    Also, whoa random stream-of-consciousness writing! This paper is gonna be GOOD.

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